What your perfume says about you

Hello girls!
Practically all women like to use perfume , they say that smell is the first sense that we develop ¿Serpaor that?
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The truth is that a simple smell can transport you to another place, a memory that you had forgotten but that with a simple color you remember again, it can transmit joy, sadness and even fear.
That's why today I bring you some tricks for girls to know what each scent of perfumes means:
Oriental perfumes, are the perfumes made with vanilla, wood ... tend to be extravagant and sensual perfumes.
Floral perfumes, are those facts connected with flowers. They are sweet and romantic perfumes.
Green perfumes: are those that come from neither flowers nor wood, normally with fruity odors although we can also find them with the smell of chocolate although it is not very common. They are the most natural perfumes and the ones that last the least of the smell.

And now you will be thinking. And your use of several perfumes? Well, very simple, you usually use the perfume depending on your mood, now you just need to discover for example because you wear a perfume when you're sad, maybe something happened to you, sometimes when you were wearing it.

Finally if you like to buy perfumes I recommend you to see the entry>>> The best perfumes comparator.

What type of perfume do you use? Do you already know what your perfume says about you ?